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The Arccos Golf Platform is a system that will enable incredible improvement in your game. With its ease of use, powerful analytics platform and actionable insights, the Arccos platform empowers a world of golfers to achieve their own personal golf goals.


The 2016 Arccos Achieve Project, aims to follow members of the Arccos Golf Community throughout their golf season as they set, monitor and achieve their goals with the help of Arccos Golf.


Steve Menz was selected to participate in the Arccos Achieve Project, and will be featured in interviews and posts on the Arccos Golf website and social media channels. 


We are excited to begin offering full weight shift and swing analysis through BodiTrak Sports and V1 Digital Coaching Systems.


BodiTrak gives you real-time data on how you interact with the ground and insight on how to improve.


BodiTrak is the industry leader for ground reaction force-sensing mats and associated educational insight.


As force is applied to any location, it alters the current passing through the BodiTrak mat.  The BodiTrak system scans the surface of the mat over a hundred times per second, reading how a golfer applies pressure to the surface below.


Custom algorithms read that change in conductance and provide calibrated force values - then rendered in useful and intuitive ways to help improve your golf swing.



Matching golfers to the right shaft and components can add 10-30 yards to every iron in the bag while also improving accuracy. Playing better and having more fun on the golf course starts with clubs that are built specifically to match your individual swing.


Mizuno has long been a leader in custom fitting for good reason. Not only is the Mizuno Performance Fitting System the quickest and most accurate system in the game of golf, but it also offers something that no other fitting system can offer, the revolutionary Shaft Optimizer.


In just a few swings, the Shaft Optimizer records five critical data points that make up your unique “Swing DNA”. A patented software program then takes the guesswork out of the fitting equation by analyzing that “Swing DNA” and quickly and easily identifying the perfect shaft, shaft flex, iron model, and set make-up that can immediately help you play better.


We're proud to offer custom Mizuno club fittings, book your appointment today!



Eastern Shore Golf Magazine is the leading golf magazine for locals and vistors alike.  Whether you are looking for information about our great courses, or want to see upcoming golf events, Eastern Shore Golf Magazine is the place to find it.


Steve Menz has been a Senior Contributing Writer for many years.  Check out the current issue here.